Old Blood Noise Endeavors launches Expression Ramper – Parameter Mover

May 11, 2021 | Bass Products, Guitar Products, News, Products

Expression Ramper
Parameter Mover

Simplicity is the heart of innovation. This is exactly what the Expression Ramper from Old Blood Noise Endeavors offers – a super simple, yet highly innovative way to automate expression control, letting you conjure sounds you never thought possible from any pedal with an expression input. It’s time to release your Inner-Ramper!



Main Features:

  • Expression Control Pedal, with storable expression preset settings
  • Footswitch activated motion, create modulated effects on the fly
  • Ramp between the two presets (A and B)
  • Triangle, square and one-shot shapes, for movement between settings
  • Rate control, sets the speed of movement
  • Configurable EXP output (TRS, TRS reverse polarity or TS)
  • LED indicates which setting is currently active
  • Powered by regular 9 V DC PSU
            (centre -, 2.1 mm, ~10 mA current draw)

Available: Mid-Late May 2021


Alright, my young Ramping Padawan, here’s how it works! The Expression Ramper allows you to pick two expression settings and move between them, either in one motion or as a continuous LFO activated by a single footswitch. Just hook up the Expression Ramper to your expression-enabled effects pedal, simply pick your first expression setting in the A position, then your second in the B position and you’re good to go.

From here, you can set Expression Ramper to move between A and B in three different ways. In TRI mode, it glides in a linear Triangle wave sweep from A to B, while in SQR mode it will make instant Square Wave jumps. Both TRI and SQR are LFO modes – you start the LFO when you hit the footswitch once, then stop it as you press the switch again. Alternatively, A<>B mode triggers a cool one-shot sweep, where every press of the footswitch jumps from one position to the other. The speed of the LFO and One-Shot movement is set via the Rate knob.

These simple and intuitive features can unlock worlds of sound. For instance, if you have Expression Ramper hooked up to a pitch-shifter, you can create classic Whammy-like octave glides in one-shot mode, stretchy modulation in Triangle wave mode or hypnotic pitch sequences in Square wave mode. Got an expression-enabled phaser? Turn it into a step-filter with Expression Ramper’s square wave. Or maybe an expression-enabled delay pedal? Use Expression Ramper to create swelling Feedback waves in Triangle mode or jump between two preset delay times in one-shot mode. The list goes on and on and the possibilities are basically endless.

While it should suit most effects pedals right out the box, Expression Ramper can easily be configured for different polarity or types of expression pedal simulation by using the internal jumpers. Plus, you can even change the supplied internal 50K digital socketed potentiometer and replace it with one of 10K or 100K values if needed. This enables the pedal to be specifically tailored for whatever expression-enabled devices you might have like keyboards, synths, vintage gear or more esoteric sound devices.


All of this goodness is packed into a highly compact enclosure, ensuring that you can fit the Expression Ramper (or several Expression Rampers) into any setup.


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